Cloud projects won't open

  • We just installed VideoScribe in a computer lab on our campus, and we have many students who are unable to open projects that are saved in the cloud.  When they launch the software, log in and select their cloud storage, their saved projects show up in the list but just "spin" when trying to load the preview (see screenshot).  If you click on one to open it, the project shows up blank.

    We are seeing this behavior on multiple PCs...  sometimes it works fine, but most of the time it doesn't.

    We are using the newest release, version 2.0.2.  Any recommendations?

    (12.2 KB)
  • Hi Jamie,

    sorry that you are having this problem. 

    It sounds like VideoScribe is having problems accessing our servers. Please check this information on the security settings needed for VideoScribe to run with your IT department. If this doesn't help to resolve the issue please raise a support ticket detailing some of the email address of the accounts that have had this problem.

  • Thanks Daniel!  No proxy settings or firewall rules that would apply, and I've attempted to add VideoScribe as an exception to our anti-virus software.  I have submitted a support ticket for further review.

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