Feedback welcome – over 400 new character images in VideoScribe

  • VideoScribe 2.1 is almost here and it's stuffed with new features and content. 

    The new version welcomes 47 new characters, with 10 poses of each. As requested, there's a good mixture of old and young, business and casual. 

    A massive thank you to everyone on Facebook and Twitter for your image suggestions!

    Watch our latest demo to see them in action. Please let us know what you think below.

  • Can you give us an exact date when the new version will be released? If will not have so many bugs as the current version I will buy it... 

  • Brilliant. I´m very looking forward to Video Scribe 2.1.

    Please don´t let us wait for much longer.

    I´m holding of some projects because I want to use the new features.

  • Hello! All being well, we're hoping to have it out to you within a few weeks. 

  • Hi Team,

    I would to propose if the new version can draw the Chinese words, it will be very perfect.

  • Hi Hugo,

    Could you please put your suggestion in Ideas and feature requests?


  • Hi Team ....

    I've downloaded and installed the new beta version. Is there a Help section somewhere to show us what the new features are, and how to use them? I'm looking for all those new characters in the different poses.


  • Hi Marge, 

    Take a look in the image folders – there should be a new folder called 'Individuals' with all the new characters in. Hope this helps.

    If anyone has any more questions about version 2.1 beta, please have a chat with our support team. Thanks!