• Videoscribe is not drawing text after upgrading to iOS8
  • Hi Jolanda,

    iPad app unable to open text edit window 

    Importing some fonts results in the text editor becoming unavailable.


    Save projects online then remove and re-install the app.

  • I did and it finally worked. However, now it crashes when I open a scribe from the iCloud storage
  • If you created the scribe using the desktop app then you may have trouble loading the scribe on your iPad. The iPad has a lot less memory capabilities than the desktop version and will probably struggle if the scribe contains lots of imported images, different fonts, if it has a voiceover or soundtrack etc. 

    I would suggest that you try to get the memory usage down using a number of methods including reducing the number of images and/or text, not using too many different fonts and optimizing images before you import them so they are the smallest size possible. You could also split the scribe into smaller parts and edit them together after you render them. There are a number of free tools you can use to optimise your images which are outlined in a post on our blog entitled 9 Free tools to pimp VideoScribe.

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