Saving and Timeline bugs!

  • When video scribe is opened the first time you cannot select a location to save the project. I click on the disc in the top left corner, a new pop up comes up and I click on the icon that looks like a disc and a marker? This normally would bring up the location I could choose to save it. It wont come up anymore.  I have to save it first, to the base folder (Who knows where that is?). Once I have done this, I then can select a location but have to go through those steps again. I click the save icon at the top left. Then I can click the disc icon and now it let me choose what location. Again it will only let me do this after I save it first to the base folder. This needs to be fixed.

    A few other things that have happened. 

    Things in the timeline will draw before they should. For example in the time line I will have image A, B, C, D, E, F but when i preview it and it starts drawing it will draw. A, B, E, F, C, D. Not sure what is happening. The only way I know how to fix it, is to shut video scribe down and then re-open it, then it was fine. This is very unproductive and we are losing a lot of time with this!

    There was a few other bugs I have found but can't remember. I will be sure to write when they come up. 

  • Hi Michael,

    The process you have described for saving your scribe is not quite correct. The process you have described is for exporting the scribe as a .scribe file. This will save the scribe but you need to import it back in to VideoScribe to continue to use it. The correct way to save a scribe in VideoScribe is to click on the disc in the top left corner, type in a name for the scribe and click on the tick icon.

    This saves the scribe to the base folder and makes it available on the projects screen where you can click on the thumbnail of the scribe to open it. You cannot export a scribe as a .scribe file without first saving it to the base folder.

    If you do wish to export the scribe as a .scribe file, save it locally first and then click on the disc in the top left corner, a new pop up comes up, click on the disk and USB icon  and choose a location on your computer to export the scribe to. You can then transfer this to a memory stick or attach to an email to share with other who have VideoScribe. They can then import that .scribe file by logging in to VideoScribe and clicking on the folder icon  in the bottom right of the projects screen. Then they would locate the .scribe file on their computer to import it.

    The timeline issue has largely been fixed in our latest version which is VideoScribe 2.1.2 and we will be making further fixes in the upcoming VideoScribe 2.2 which will be going into Beta testing shortly. If you are interested in testing the Beta version of VideoScribe 2.2 please check your online account very soon (hopefully Monday) where you will find a link to sign up.

    If you do get issues with elements appearing in the wrong order in the timeline; saving the scribe, exiting the scribe and going back in restores the proper order.