Suggestion re: billing

  • A friendly suggestion: When you send out this notice for subscription renewal, it might be a good idea to warn people that the charge will be coming from Bluesnap. It’s been a year since I signed up for VideoScribe and I had no memory of Bluesnap. When you tried to charge my credit card, my credit card company sent me a fraud warning because the charge was coming from a foreign country. Because I didn’t recognize the charge (and going to the Bluesnap website was no help since it has no obvious relation to Sparkol), my credit card company cancelled my account and issued a new card. So I had to go and reset all the various online payments that I had going to that credit card. I hassle that could have been avoided if you had just warned me I would be getting a charge from an unfamiliar company.

    I did reset the payment info for Sparkol, but I imagine your charge did not go through because Bluesnap is now blocked on my account. I will have to call my credit card company and try to straighten it out.


  • Hi Heidi,

    Thanks for getting in touch and and sorry you have had issues with payment of your renewal.

    The email reminder advises about the renewal but not the payment method.

    We have used different payment providers so to specify this in an email is quite tricky and some users have paid for more than one licence using different payment methods so it can get a bit messy.

    We generally advise users to log in into Your Account and they can manage their account this way.

    The benefit is that you can see your current active subscription and how you paid for it.

    BlueSnap also send a confirmation email for the payment to your registered email address when the initial payment is made.

    I will feed this back to see if there is anything we can add to the email to make it clearer in the future.


  • Dear i have made the payment just now of  35 $ for 3 month subscription and neighter i get msg on my email or anywhere about activation details or anythink please help me or suggest me any number from where i can talk with billing team of video scribe

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