MOVE or REMOVE the feedback popup while rendering video

  •  I don't know if anyone else has had the same experience. When publishing a video, sometimes I receive a popup asking me to type feedback and rate videoscribe.

    Here was my experience:

    1) if I try to type anything in the feedback box... each... character.. I.. type.. takes.. about.. 3... to... 4... seconds... to appear in the box, so it is a looooong, annoyingly slow process.

    2) the rating is set to 5 out of 10 by default instead of being set to "no rating".... that will probably skew the data as some users may just send the feedback without choosing or changing the rating.

    3) when I clicked the + symbol one time to begin increasing the rating, it jumped from 5 to 7 instead of 5 to 6. Maybe I double clicked- not sure.

    4) when I submitted the form apparently it failed to go through because I got a vague popup that said ERROR!

    My suggestion is to remove it completely or at least move it off of the rendering screen and maybe replace it with a  non-flash form that works better.

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