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  • Is there a way for 2 people to collaborate on a videoscribe file in real time from two differen locations? We're trying to polish a presentation for a client and having to logout-login-logout-login, etc . . . I'd like for both of us to be viewing the same scribe at the same time so we can finish it!


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  • You can only log into videoscribe with one computer at a time (using the same account)

    You could google search "screen sharing software" for products that both of you can install to view each other's screens  and even control both mouse cursors in some cases. (However, keep in mind that some people may consider it an invasion of privacy if you want access to their personal computer. It may work best in cases where one person owns both computers and the computers contain no personal data or data belonging to other clients. On the other hand, some freelancers may already have such products installed and use them regularly. It wouldn't hurt to ask.)

     (I have not used any of them so I can't recommend one)

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Just to add to what Mike said not only can you only log-into one computer at a time but the subscription agreement you have is for a single person and therefore you can't share log-in details with someone else. For full details see the App licence and user terms (Section 3.5).

    What you've asked is a cool idea though so I'll turn this question into a feature request and if others think they would find it useful they can give it a like. Assume you are talking about something similar to GoogleDrive where you can share files with edit access and multiple people can work on the file and see updates in real time? 

    The best we can offer at the moment is Mike's option of screen sharing or that you export your work, send it to your colleague and then get them to import it into their VideoScribe [Import and export .scribe files]

  • What this person is asking is in no way a violation of the user agreement.  Two people, two licenses, one central location to collaborate when they can't sit over the person's shoulder.

    Google, Microsoft 365, Mindmester, etc. all have a way to collaborate, why can't this as well.

  • I am also highly interested in this feature.

    2 people, 2 locations, 2 licenses, but working on a single scribe. Both have their individual pieces, so they would:

    1) create their part of the scribe
    2) do the voice over for their part of the scribe
    3) at the end, it is a single scribe with two pieces and voices

    The current setup encourages to share licenses instead of collaborating. I know there's an export feature, to export scribe from one user, email, and import by the second user. That back and forth is not productive.

    It should work more like google docs, where multiple people can work on a single document at the same time without overwriting eachother's content and always knowing what is changing.


  • I agree with Peter & Caryn. Our team is wanting to build out and work on a single scribe. Right now we have to export, email, import, work, export, email, import. Just to hand off on a task. Which is time consuming and can cause version control issues. 

    The current set up definitely encourages sharing licenses, even when you have paid for two, because you can't see the live document. 

    Maybe as you grow, building out an account level, so you can access anything at a company account folder, and then having licenses under that. Collaboration is definitely a need because I am doing the graphic design and import of new images, whereas my team is building the story. 

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