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What images would you like to see?

It's been a few months since we added our last batch of new images so we thought we would open a post for people to add their ideas for images they would like to see. Let us know and we'll do our best to include them in the next time we include images in a VideoScribe release.

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When I said we were be releasing more images very soon I wasn't joking! We've done another update today and this time we have 204 images added to the Household folder, these are 102 different objects in both Full colour and Highlight verisons... Again all colour customisable in v3.3+ of VideoScribe.

Even more to follow with updates to Health (medical), Business, Maps, Tools and Food & Drink all in the immediate pipeline.  

Please make more ancient Egypt themes and images, that would be awesome!

Hello Andrea, thanks for the idea. Are there any specific images you are looking for within that theme?

Loads more images have been added today!

114 new Healthcare images added to the Health folder. These are 57 different objects in both colour and highlight version.


58 new Business images added to the Business folder. These are 29 different objects in both colour and highlight version.


57 new Maps added to the World folder. These are 19 different maps in colour, detailed colour (including population clusters and mountain ranges) and outline version.


35 new '4th of July' images have been added to the Library after they were initially made available to PRO users as an email download last week.


In particular, some landscaping themes and people of the Ancient Egyptian era. I'm helping out with a project involving Pharaoh Hatshepsut and wanted to know if there are themes that would reflect her era. If there are some, I'm sure we can work with what you have.

We've got a few things in the history folder. A few cartoon Egyptian characters, Canopic jars and an ancient Egyptian style vase but not a huge amount. I know we've got plans for a pack of World landmarks which has the Pyramids of Giza and The Great Sphinx in that list but I'll add it into the queue and we'll take a look at how much this type of thing is searched for by customers and prioritise it appropriately. Thanks for your input!

Thanks and looking forward to the World landmarks!

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