.mov file timing doesn't match original file--please fix bug!

  • This is more of a complaint than a question, because I already know the work-around. I created a brief (1:30 min.) video in Videoscribe.  I made quite a few changes to timings, switching images, etc. When I exported to a .mov file, the timings were wrong (too brief) in 3 different places.  I had the same problem with my last project, and submitted a ticket.  The fix was to add a small transparent file in each of the 3 places and adjust the timing on those files.  That works.

    My complaint is that I shouldn't have to go through that hassle, and I'd like this bug to be fixed so that the timings in the .mov file match the original video--regardless of how many tweaks I make to timings and images in the process of creating the project.



  • (I don't work for sparkol)

    For work, I use version 2.2.5 which does not have any of the zero-second bugs.
    (however, it lacks sho.co rendering and possibly a few other features.)

    Keep in mind that if you revert to 2.2.5, you MIGHT not be able to open scribes that have been saved using 2.3.x

    In general I recommend being slow to upgrade unless you really like bugs and problem solving.

    to download 2.2.5, click ACCOUNT at the top of this page and then find the "see all versions" link.

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


  • Mike,

    Thanks for the suggestion. Good point about being slow to upgrade!


  • Actually, I just ignored the advice and upgraded to 2.3.6 because it says it fixes the zero-second bug!


  • Correction: "fixes the zero second move-in bug but has a zero-second text bug."

    link: http://help.videoscribe.co/support/discussions/topics/11000004045

    -Mike (videoscribe user)


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