Imported images aren't working correctly

Last updated 2019-08-22 10:56:09 +0100

What to do if imported images aren't working correctly in VideoScribe. 

You should optimise all images before you import them into VideoScribe. For bitmap (raster) images, (JPGs and PNGs) you should ideally be looking at image sizes of below 500KB. If you intend to import a lot of JPG and/or PNG images into the same scribe you should get the images as small as possible.

If you are importing your own SVG images, see the tips at the end of the article Create your own images. This article will outline some common issues that you may face when importing your own JPG or PNG images. For example: 

  • The image does not appear at all
  • The image does appear but you cannot save your work
  • VideoScribe does not draw the image and it appears instantly on the canvas

Free up some memory
VideoScribe may have problems reading a new image when the available memory is running at capacity or near capacity. It might not be the size of the image itself but the amount of memory used up by the scribe you are importing the image into. Try simplifying your scribe by shortening it or cutting down on the number of elements present. See also 
Crashing and freezing – VideoScribe desktop. 

Delete and re-import images
Sometimes an image gets corrupted. Try deleting the image from VideoScribe and importing it again.

Reformatting images
If the problem persists, open the images in 
Paint (Windows) or  Preview (Mac). 

  1. Open the image in your preferred programme
  2. Select ‘File’ then ‘Save as’ or ‘File’ then ‘Export…’
  3. Save the image in a file type compatible with VideoScribe (JPEG or PNG)
  4. Import the image into VideoScribe again

If you have added an image and find that it is causing problems with the image library loading when you go to add another image, see the article Library images will not preview or load.
If you are experiencing difficulties with an image and cannot solve it yourself you could seek help from other VideoScribe users on our 
community forum. You can also  contact our support team directly. Please attach the image and include as much information as you can so we can look into it for you.

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