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Add mathematical formulae

Last updated: 28 June 2018

This article will take you through how to use an online equation editor to create mathematical equations that will be drawn in VideoScribe.

There is an image folder called ‘Education: Maths’ in the VideoScribe image library but for advanced mathematical equations you will need an equation editor that will save as an image. We use Codecogs Equation Editor but there are others available.

Import equation as an image file

Step 1. Create an equation.
Choose ‘(20pt) Huge’ as the text size (A), ‘300’ as the output resolution (B) and ‘png’ as the image format (C).

Step 2. Download the equation as a PNG file.

Step 3. Import the image into VideoScribe as a PNG or convert to an SVG using the instructions in the help article Write with non-Western text characters.

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