Use VideoScribe on more than one computer

Last updated 2019-07-28 15:19:53 +0100

A subscription is assigned to an individual email account and the owner of that account is allowed to log-into the application from more than one machine.

Desktop version

You do not need a licence key to download and install VideoScribe, you can do this on as many computers as you need to. When you open the application you will be asked to log in and this is how your subscription status is checked.

Your account can only be logged into VideoScribe on one computer at a time so please make sure you close the application when you have finished using it, just in case your next login needs to be from another computer.

By default, VideoScribe saves your scribes on the computer you are currently using. To access the same scribe project across different computers, you will need to save your scribe to the online scribes folder.

Please note that your account is personal to you and you are not allowed to share your username and password with other people. See section 3 of our App licence and user terms for more details on this.

iOS App version

Our iOS app VideoScribe Anywhere is not paid for by a subscription, it uses In-App purchases through iTunes instead. You can use your Sparkol login details to access any scribe projects you have saved online in your account.

Multiple users

If you have a team of people that need access or even a whole school then please see the Team and Education options on our pricing page.

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