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Music tracks no longer available in VideoScribe

Last updated: 26 April 2016

The producer of the following tracks no longer provides them royalty free (subject to a crediting). Therefore as of now we have removed them as selectable tracks.


  1. Autumn Boy
  2. Beautiful Lines
  3. Become Heavens
  4. Book of Monkey
  5. Cellular Faith
  6. Chimera Derivation
  7. Copper Mountain
  8. Dublin Forever
  9. Emperor Kalas
  10. In the Deal
  11. Love Letters
  12. Magic ghost
  13. Rapid Arc
  14. Silk
  15. Sun Spark
  16. The Jump Bump
  17. The Owl Orion
  18. Uncaged Cazarina


If you have previously used these tracks in your projects and you have applied the appropriate credit to them (see the Dan-O Songs section of this article) you can carry on and use the project as usual. The only difference now is that you will no longer be able to select and use these tracks through VideoScribe.

If you still want the tracks that are now removed you can visit the producers website to purchase a licence.

Please raise a support ticket if you're having any issues with these changes.

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