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Adding closed captioning

Last updated: 18 January 2018

You can add closed captioning to a scene of your story. These will show on screen during video playback and you can choose if they display in presentation mode.

Step 1. Select the scene and click on the closed captioning button.

Select the scene that you would like to write notes on from the scene bar at the bottom (A).

Select closed captioning (B) from the left toolbar. You can then click on 'Add notes to your scene...' (C) to begin typing.

Step 2. Type your text.

You can now type the text you need into the box (up to a 280 character limit per scene). Carriage returns will start a new line and you can see your text preview as you type (D). Once you have finished typing click on the hide keyboard button (E) to return to a full-screen view of your story. 

When a scene contains a caption, a CC icon will appear on the scene thumbnail (F).

To edit or delete a note, select the scene, tap closed captioning (G) in the left toolbar and click on the text (H) to edit it. Just delete it all if you want to remove it.

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