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Last updated 2019-07-28 16:05:49 +0100

This article will explain how to access scribes that you have saved to your online directory.  

For instructions on how to save a scribe project to your online directory, see Save scribes on your computer and online.

Once you have saved a scribe project to your online directory you will be able to access it from the ‘Online Scribes’ folder in VideoScribe. You can log into the software on any computer and access your online scribes.

Step 1. Go to the projects screen

The projects screen is the first screen you get to after you log in to VideoScribe. When you first get to your project's screen you will be viewing your locally saved scribes by default. To view the scribes you have saved to your online directory click Online Scribes on the left side (A). The scribes will appear on the right (B). You can sort the scribes in various ways using the dropdown menu (C). You can scroll through your projects using the arrows (D) or using your mouse scroll wheel.

Step 2. Open the scribe

Click on the scribe you would like to open and the scribe will open on the canvas.

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