Error Displayed 2032: Unable to load the project

Last updated 2020-08-21 17:37:52 +0100

You may experience this issue on the project selection screen whilst trying to open a scribe project.


An error message will be displayed when trying to open a scribe project (local or offline) or import an image from the image library.

The thumbnails of your projects will permanently display the VideoScribe loading animation.


VideoScribe is unable to access the location where your scribe projects or images are saved.

This may be due to a lapse in connection to the Sparkol online server or the VideoScribe Desktop folder stored in AppData folder in your profile.


This is temporary and is resolved by restarting the software as VideoScribe re-establishes a connection to the Sparkol server. If this error occurs with as locally saved projects or image, please check your admin settings as system updates will often affect the accessibility of certain folders.

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