Local Scribes are saved in a new location on MacOS from v3.6 onwards

Last updated 2020-08-19 17:28:52 +0100

If you're a VideoScribe customer using a Mac computer, you'll need to resave your projects online before upgrading. If you’ve already upgraded, you’ll need to downgrade back to v3.5, resave your projects to the online folder and then upgrade again.


After upgrading your VideoScribe version from v3.5 or below to v3.6 and above none of your previously saved projects will show in the ‘Local Scribes’ folder.


For us to run VideoScribe on your MacOS machine we have to go through a process called notarization. This allows Apple to check the software for any malicious content or issues so that when you install it you can do so with confidence. 

Apple has made a change to this process which means that the location where VideoScribe data is saved has changed. So when you install v3.6 or above it will look for your saved file in a different location to the previous version and therefore will not find your previously saved work.


Where possible, we’re emailing our customers to advise them of this situation before they upgrade. However, if you have unsubscribed from our mailing lists you won’t get this communication. 

Here’s what to do to protect your scribes or get them back if you’ve already upgraded: 
(If you have not upgraded yet, please skip to Step 3).

Step 1. Uninstall the latest version of VideoScribe (v3.6 and above)

Please see Uninstall VideoScribe - Mac for instructions if you’re not sure how to do this.

Step 2. Download and install v3.5 of VideoScribe

You can access v3.5 of VideoScribe via the ‘Previous Versions’ section of https://www.videoscribe.co/Download which is near the bottom of the page. If you’re unsure how to install this once downloaded please see Step 2 onwards of the Download and install VideoScribe - Mac help page.

Step 3. Save a copy of your local projects online

When using v3.5 of VideoScribe you’ll be able to see your Local Scribes again. You’ll need to save a copy of each of these to the Online folder so they’re accessible again after you upgrade. This can be done in a couple of clicks per project by following the instructions on our save a scribe online without opening it on the canvas help page.

Step 4. Upgrade VideoScribe

Now all the projects you need are saved online, you can upgrade to the latest version of VideoScribe. If you’re not sure how to do this please see the instructions on the upgrade to the latest version of VideoScribe help page.

Step 5. Access your previous projects via the Online Scribes folder

Your Local files folder will still not contain any of your previous work, but all your previous scribes will be available via the Online Scribes folder

Once you’ve opened these, worked on them and saved them locally again they’ll be saved in the new location and be visible in the Local Scribes folder within the new version.

Please note: If you have a large number of local projects that you would like to move (20+) it is possible to copy them over together. These instructions are more complicated and would risk you losing data if not done correctly so they have not been included on this page. Please raise a ticket with the support team if you would like to be guided through completing this.

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