Migrating existing projects to the latest version of VideoScribe

Last updated 2021-03-19 11:56:49 +0000

We have made some changes to the way your projects are saved in the latest version of VideoScribe to give you more control over where your data is stored. In the article we will explain how your data is migrated as part of the upgrade process.

Please note: Once your projects have been migrated to v3.7 of VideoScribe they will not open in older versions of the software

If you are using an earlier version of the software the features on this page will not be available to you unless you upgrade to the latest version of VideoScribe. You can follow these steps to upgrade to the latest version.

In our latest version of VideoScribe we have made some changes to how your projects are stored and you will need to use the inbuilt migration tool to move your work to a location of your choice. This means that your projects will be easily accessible when you log into the application. The old file system had a hidden location where your projects were stored, but with the new location, you will have full control over where your projects are stored. 

Step 1. Login to the latest version VideoScribe

Open VideoScribe and enter your account email address (A), password (B). Click 'Login' (D).

Step 2. Once logged in, you will be prompted to ‘Relocate your scribe files’. 

Please note: Once your projects have been migrated to v3.7 of VideoScribe they will not open in older versions of the software

Your projects will be relocated to a new file location on your computer. This means you get to choose where you save your projects. We would suggest choosing somewhere where you normally save your documents, such as a documents folder. Select 'Next' (D) to choose the location within your computer to move them to. 

If you don’t wish to relocate your scribe projects, you have the alternative option to Close VideoScribe for now. If you select this option, the application will close. You will need to migrate your projects to use this, or future versions of VideoScribe so if you have any concerns about this process please contact us. Once your concerns are addressed you always reopen the application, and follow these steps again.

Step 3. Click the ’Select new location' (E) to save your scribe files in a new location on your computer.

An explorer window will open (Windows PC) or a finder window (Mac). Choose a location on your computer to transfer your scribe files to. You can always create a new folder to make things easier. Once you have a location selected, click 'Open' (F).

If you are using a Windows PC computer, please ignore Step 4 and progress to Step 5.

Step 4. This step is only applicable if you're using a Mac computer. If existing projects from previous versions have been found, you will be presented with the message Existing Data Detected

This means that there are projects to transfer over to the latest version from the older versions of VideoScribe. Due to Apple's security restrictions, you will need to confirm the folder manually that the projects are being transferred from. Select 'Next' (G).

For each location your projects are saved in, you will be presented with a new file dialogue box. Simply select the 'Open' (H) button to continue. VideoScribe saves your projects in different locations on your Mac depending on the version youre using, so you might need to select Open twice if presented with multiple dialogue boxes.

Step 5. VideoScribe will then relocate your files.

This process is automatic. Ensure you do not close VideoScribe or turn off your computer during this process. You can see the number of scribe projects transferring over displayed below the message (I). This process can take a while depending on how many projects you have.

Step 6. Once the relocation process is complete, you will be presented with the Relocation Successful window.

Select the 'Return to VideoScribe' (J) button to log back into VideoScribe.

Your 12 most recent projects will then appear on your projects screen and you can continue to work on them as normal. You can access your other projects by selecting 'Open Scribe' to open your projects. Your projects will now only be saved in the folder you choose to migrate them too. We would always recommend that you backup your projects as an extra precaution. If you delete these files, the project will be deleted.

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